“Near the 50° latitude wine personalities emerge, in which subtle powers dwell.”

The vineyards of the Rheingau rise gently up the lower foothills of the Taunus Mountains along the Rhine River. At almost exactly the 50° latitude mark, the Rhine chooses a 25 kilometer east-to-west course. In the east – from Hochheim to Rüdesheim – deep-reaching, fine sandy soils influence the characters of the wines. In the west – from Rüdesheim to Lorch – meager soils, often with a high slate content, lend the wines their distinctive properties. Riesling dominates almost everywhere. Covering over 80% of the total expanse of vineyards in the Rheingau, Riesling is easily the number one in popularity. This position is challenged only in Assmanshausen, where on the small town’s steep slopes predominantly Pinot Noir thrives.

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Sun-kissed vineyards with steep slopes and residual slate soil lend our Rüdesheim und Assmanshausen wines fine fruit flavors, elegance and flair. Deep loess-clay and quartzite soils shape our wines from Winkel, Mittelheim and Oestrich, where most of our grapes grow. The wines, ranging from spicy fruit to full-bodied with abundant extracts, are complex and rich.

Rüdesheimer Berg

The mantra of the western Rheingau, the Rüdesheimer Berg renders a cornucopia of fruit flavors. In the wines from this outstanding vineyard, ripened, fragrant apricots, peaches and Mirabel plums are transformed to a higher state of consciousness in the most pleasant way, a way that only one grape variety on Earth is able to do: Riesling. Spicy, smooth as wet stones, rich. Everything is strong, tightly-knit, yet delicate.

Berg Rottland

Winkeler Hasensprung

"Rabbit Jump” – this vineyard name makes one think of a sweet little bunny, hopping from vine to vine, nibbling on clover and wild herbs. But what the heavy clay soils of the Hasensprung vineyard give to its Riesling grapes is far from gentle. One sip of Hasensprung is enough put you on a journey back through time to the Mesozoic Era. The senses are rocked with vibrating electricity. What moments ago was just a cuddly rabbit is now a T. Rex surging over your tongue. Explosive Riesling: dried fruits, flashes of apricot, traces of minerals. It’s everything you could ever ask for.

Boeden 1

Oestricher Doosberg

The Doosberg in Oestrich is yet another top vineyard property of the Rheingau, our gemstone among the wine regions of the world. Rieslings from the Doosberg vineyard don’t electrify you, nor do they make you fly…these wines are have a sense of being deeply rooted to the earth, just what the Rheingau is known for. Gravel deposits deep in the ground combined with an upper layer of residual loess and quartzite soil give the wines their zest and fullness. A stylish crispness underlines the balanced structure, wonderfully stimulating sip for sip. Doosberg reaches deep down into the depths and conquers your heart like a tempest.


Assmannshäuser Höllenberg

The microclimate in Assmanshausen guarantees a bud break up to 4 weeks earlier than in other vineyard locations, resulting in a longer vegetation period. The grapevines use this extra time to gather more flavor content.

Ursprung 1

The slate soils and the perfect south and southwest orientation of the extremely steep slopes augment the degree of warmth in the vineyards dramatically. We bring these advantages together with our Pinot Noirs, which yield intense, spicy and yet elegant red wines.