“The beginnings of all things are small” Cicero

Nature is in perpetual motion. We see the capacity of our vines and vineyards as a continuous, flowing process, influenced from year to year by differing characteristics and properties. We at the Corvers-Kauter estate use our expertise to tend our grapes so that they can expand to their fullest potential.

Weingut Corvers Kauter

The tradition of winemaking in the Kauter family, at home in the quaint village of Winkel, boasts a history of some 250 years. In turn, winemaking in the Corvers family, originally from Rüdesheim, reaches back equally as far. That’s a combined tradition of 500 years of wine prowess. But the history is really secondary to us. It’s so much more like us to look ahead. It is the wine, and its inherent potential to be paired with foods, that is our focal point. For us both of these aspects are equally fascinating and we would love to share our excitement and discoveries with you.
Passion and imagination guide Matthias’ care for the wines at every stage of growth, giving every vintage his own personal signature. In the restaurant kitchen Brigitte creates and hones her cooking skills, offering our guests a diverse selection of delectable dishes, accentuated by fresh local foods of the season and her love of the Mediterranean cuisine. These talents are brought together, coaxing out the hidden secrets of the vineyards in Oestrich and Winkel, in Mittelheim and Rüdesheim, and coupling them in harmony with culinary delights. To make the best out of what nature offers, we place primary emphasis on sustainable viticulture and gentle handcrafting for the Rieslings and Pinot Noirs in our cellar.
A visit to our estate should be something special for every gourmet. That’s the goal we have set for ourselves and the reason that we pay extra special attention to ensure our wines pair particularly well with food. Stop by and give it a try. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Corvers 4

Every day a new task presents itself to me as a winegrower. And every decision I make invokes a reaction. My thoughts and actions are intrinsically bound to nature’s cycles. In the winter I decide how best to prune the vines, choosing how extensive the fruit set will be in the spring. When cultivating and fertilizing the soil, I strive to match the natural humus content of the vineyards, creating the foundations for healthy vine growth. In the summer, careful canopy management guarantees that the soil nutrients go from root to grape and not into excess leaf production. At the same time it ensures good ventilation in the vine rows. Grapes can dry quickly after a rainstorm, thereby naturally avoiding unwanted fruit rot. Everything I do, from pruning to harvest, leaves its imprint on the wine. Everything is reflected in the taste. It makes my work exciting every day of the year. One thing follows the next. It’s a fascinating mixture of poetry and the everyday, of intense work and delightful results, which inspire me in my work day after day.

My skills as a winegrower, my love of nature and of wine guide me through the year to ensure your satisfaction in the verve and flair of our wines.